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Itchy red spots on glans

For a couple of days I have had some red dots and itches on the glans. It is the second time that I've had these red dots in 4 months. The first time disappeared after a week. Is it possible to cure this disease and will keep coming back again in the future? Is there any medicine I can buy at the pharmacy?

Thank you very much.

Additional information

Age 31
Sex m
Ethnicity White
Language Translated from Spanish
Medical help availability Can visit doctor

Attached photos:

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Doctors' answers:

Try to get clotrimazole cream, use it for 2 weeks (three times a day), or terbinafine cream twice a day. Let me know, if my advice did not help.
answered by martin.kenda
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Seems just a bit irritated. Try to wash it well with a non-aggressive detergent, if after 2 weeks it's not getting better go see a specialist
answered by erre
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