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Fever and long term effects of frequent Paracetamol use on toddlers and children

This is actually three questions in one.

I recently found out that my son's former nanny, when he was about two years old, gave him Paracetamol syrup daily for a few months, regardless of his condition. Even though I don't think she went above the recommended dosage, I am concerned about what damage she might have caused. Is there anything we should look for? He is 5 now.

My second question is, he is recently getting a high fever (up to 40 degrees Celsius orally) almost regularly (roughly every 10 days), sometimes with symptoms of common cold, sometimes without. He is going to get genetically tested for FMF soon. Is there anything else we could test him for? His doctor told us that some kids just get high fevers, and those who get them usually are more inclined to be resistant to the negative effects. Can we count on this?

Lastly, because of the above situation, he is yet again frequently taking fever reducers. Is there anything we should be keeping an eye on?
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Sleeping 12+ hrs a night, feeling low on energy, floating stools every time

I am 21 year old male. I sleep for more than 12 hours a night, when I sleep less I feel tired all day. My stools have been floating every time for about 6 weeks, no diarrhea, no blood, normal color, however stools are often loose. Stool sample taken to doctor showed nothing wrong.

Blood test showed low folate count and mild anemia, so my doctor prescribed me folic acid which I have been taking for 15 days with no noticeable improvements. My doctor has also prescribed me Ranitidine. Additional blood tests showed some possible thyroid abnormalities, which will be checked again in 5 weeks.

I have mild chest pains which vary in location and are worse when breathing or lying on my side. Also heart palpitations. I recently stopped drinking caffeinated drinks which seems to be correlated to the pains. The pains come and go, right now I have none. UPDATE Been off caffeine for two weeks, still some chest pains but mild in comparison to when I was drinking caffeine, all other symptoms remain.

I ran about 1.5 miles every other day for 3 months and never seemed to improve. I struggled with every run, always low on energy toward the end, even though this is a very short run. I have given up on my running for now as it just makes me sleep longer.
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Testicle Ultrasound

before I had a hydrocele & before I got it repaired I had some ultrasounds done. The doctor noticed a black spot on one of my testicles, so he prescribed an antibiotic to see if it would go away. It didn't. What could the tiny black spot in the ultrasound be?
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Marijuana / general anestesia interaction

How soon before a surgery should one stop smoking marijuana?
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Pain in my leg

32M here. I heard a pop in my back when I was working out 3 days ago, and now I seem to have low back pain and pain in my foot as well. The last two nights have kept me up with the pain, and I have also noticed that I am having problems with urinating. Any suggestions?
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Recently had a major respiratory/sinus infection, now I have Neropathy on the bottom of my feet.

I had a tingly sensation in my feet, almost immediately after my illness (in which I was completely bed-bound for nearly 2 days, and I tend to be a hardy individual)

The illness has since past, but the tingling sensation has not. I looked up the symptoms, and the #1 cause is TYPE 2 DIABETES!!!??? I am only 27, how is this possible? It also lists "Cold infection" as a potential cause so I am hoping this was the cause.

The tingling is minor, and I also have tiny discolorations on my feet where there is increased sensitivity. I am hoping and praying that this ailment is from the illness and not type 2 diabetes.

More about me: I am 27, never been overweight, have a relatively active lifestyle. (I exercise, but only a couple times a month), and a moderate sweet tooth. I would say my sugar consumption is above average, but not extreme.

...Is this possible? Also, if I completely change my diet habits and exercise more, can I prevent or reverse this? I've already cut back on simple sugar consumption because I AM TERRIFIED.
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Arms "falling asleep" at night

I'm a young (early 20's) athletic male with no serious ailments, diseases or injuries (to my knowledge). Bodyfat percentage is around 8% and I've got a pretty significant amount of muscle (olympic weightlifter). My arms are very "vascular" if that changes anything. My doctors / nurses always mention that my blood pressure is pretty low when I visit, and my resting heart rate is around 60-62.

Almost every other night I'll wake up 3-5 times with complete numbness in one or both arms. I have to hold them below my heart and shake them out to get blood flow back to them before I can feel them again. First couple times it happened I swear I could have cut off my arm without even feeling it, but now I've apparently adapted such that I wake up before it gets past a little tingling and numbness.

I'm not sure if this could be due to my athletic low blood pressure / constantly sore muscles / sleeping posture with bent arms, or if it might indicate a more serious problem. Any clues?
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I can't concentrate on anything.

I was prescribed Ritalin at the age of 12 or 13 and used it for around 3 months but quit because I didn't feel like myself and became depressed.

I'm not abel to concentrate in school but still gets A and B in almost all subjects because my mom nags me to do my homework etc. but now I am trying to learn programming and start my own company but I can't concentrate and I procrastinates when I am trying to do something boring.

Is there any other drugs (legal or illegal) that can help or anything else that can help me to concentrate?

I am sorry but I don't have any money and wont be abel to pay you. (at lest not now)
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Varying Tinnitus

About 4 weeks ago, a side airbag detonated in my left ear, resulting in tinnitus. The tinnitus was initially only present in my left ear, but is now also present in my right one. The sound is extremely high pitched with lower pitched tones occasionally popping up in my left ear.

Certain sounds, such as water running, cars passing by, printers starting up, and a multitude of other ones, elicit new sounds that immediately disappear when the triggering noise is removed. This symptom was not initially present when I initially got tinnitus.

In addition, I have noticed in the past two days that my tinnitus almost seems to mirrors sounds that I heard earlier. I spend one day next to a small waterfall, and early the next morning, I heard sounds that almost exactly mirrored what I had been hearing the previous day. Today, I spend about three hours in the park and am presently hearing bird chirps.

Is there anything that I should be doing or avoiding to prevent my tinnitus from worsening? Thanks.
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Itchy red spots on glans

This question was originally asked in Spanish. (show original)
For a couple of days I have had some red dots and itches on the glans. It is the second time that I've had these red dots in 4 months. The first time disappeared after a week. Is it possible to cure this disease and will keep coming back again in the future? Is there any medicine I can buy at the pharmacy?

Thank you very much.
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