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Information on Diabetes Destroyer System

You are in charge of you. Paying someone a lot of money to take responsibility for your health does not really change it. When you use Diabetes Destroyer system, you need to know you are getting your blood sugar under better and better control, and your blood pressure is getting where it should be.

If you are doing everything right, your weight will fall off and not really be a problem. If it is not falling off, you are not doing something right. When you are, your body will automatically go to its correct weight.

A diabetic needs initially at least to have an A1c test every three months to check on your progress. It must be dropping (and never get above 7), and you should see a steady progress when you are learning to control your blood sugar by eating right.

Triglyceride tests are good to see where that's going, but it (fat in the blood) will fall automatically with the blood sugar and blood pressure when you have learned to eat right.

After that, all these seem with the right Diabetes Destroyer diet, a little exercise, etc., to fall in place once you have learned how to control automatically. Your blood sugar, your weight, blood pressure, etc., shape up without worrying about them... Sort of a side benefit.

Diabetes Destroyer Health Information

The three tests I observe daily are as follows, when these work, I consider myself in good shape.

Test #1. My ability to heal up nicks and cuts. Won't heal, is one of the signs you still have gooked up circulation from syrupy blood, are sores take forever or flat won't heal. Particularly in extremities, like feet. They need close observation and with a lack of feeling, you may not even know you have an injury. (This gets a lot of diabetics in big trouble.) Even sometimes fatal, or amputation, etc. Serious matter.

For the everyday report, I watch bad knicks and scrapes on my shins, etc. If progress nicely and heel up and gone in six weeks, doing okay. If not then take Pycnogenol (expensive supplement) *(one or the other or both) and Tumeric spice. Seems to clear up any sticklers. Take pycnogenol when anything out of order, helps blood sugar, etc.

(Remember, I consider myself on Dark chocolate (no sugar) therapy as normal procedure which, of course, considerably helps circulation, (Opens up (relaxes) your pipes) see my many articles on that elsewhere. In many studies, so far, all dark chocolate therapy users cut the death rate from all causes by 50%, and I am all for that. (Costs me $4.29 a week, supermarket). Hersheys 100% Dark Chocolate, baking cocoa, (powder) no sugar, use NO milk. (kills effect) Full fat, unsweetened Yogurt okay.

Failure to heal promptly means, a warning, I have more work to do on getting circulation back to pre-diabetic normal.

2. Stool and Pee test.... (observation mostly) Ancestors ate food 80% fiber, 20% carbs. (Digestion took a long time to sort out the sugar.) Most U.S. folks today....80% sugar, 20% fiber. Your body cannot handle that ratio and sugar that fast, more than 30 to 50 years or so of that (your body defending itself from you drowning it in sugar) and you develop something called diabetes.

Now the self-fiber stool test. If you go a couple of times a day and all floats, same consistency every day, Never diarrhea, Never constipation, Never any problem.

Test Result: Means: You are getting enough and handling fiber. (to keep sugar digestion slowed to a crawl, fiber needs blending all day. See other articles on blending in fat, protein, fiber, etc., as well for controlling sugar peaks.)

Pee Test..... Bright Yellow...Not drinking enough water. Double up...never sip, drink full glasses. Dring NOTHING but water, rest of your life. Best bet room temperature. Cold locks up and you stop. Suggest let water stand in pitchers 24 hours to get rid of city chlorine in the water. Digestive bacteria survive and manufacture vitamin K, etc., that are not made when you kill them with chlorine.

When hungry, drink full glass wait ten min. Hunger usually gone, your system confused.

3. 60% of diabetics are affected in their feet to some degree. Fine pipes down there have No return pump system, so circulation has to be perfect or problems.

Require equivalent of 10 weight blood. Most diabetics have the equivalent of 40 weight. (syrup) (comparison to car oil) Fixing blood stops further damage but does NOT unfix nerves that DIED from lack of fresh juice. (blood)

Only thing rejuvenates to big degree is sunshine foot Diabetes Destroyer treatment (or medical society charge you $2,000 for light treatments with Anodyne company LED's.) Works 80%, have some nerve fix. (Medicare will pay for it) However, sunshine treatment more effective and free and no waiting room. See our neuropathy fix article elsewhere.